50 Hours of Peace: what I saw in Ferguson.


Death and Justice in a State of Decay.


Vetoes in the UN Security Council: The U.S., Israel and the hypocrisy of the Syrian conflict.


Can’t Afford to Feed the Poor?


A Different Shade of Red: a look into Oklahoma’s

Socialist past.


An imaginary war on the imaginary.


generation-Y: finding a voice


christmas charade


Tulsa is a drama


an open letter to blake ewing.


All Stem Cells Go to Heaven?


The Curse of Literature


The Big Bang is my God


Barack and his bible.


Oral’s Magical Touch


A Struggle As Old As Time.


Religious Conservatives and Sex





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    Teresa Ward

    April 1, 2015 at 5:44am

    I can only hope you can help me out. I am looking for an article or paper that you put out (at least I believe it is you), entitled “10 things you should know When CPS comes to your Door” or “10 things to do when CPS Comes to your Door”. If it wasn’t you can you tell me if their is a site called the Free thought
    Thanks for reading this and for the possibility of the use of your time to e-mail me back asap.

    Teresa Ward

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